Our leadership group

Like any great social sporting club, the London Swans function largely thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers and leaders. Our 2019 Leadership Group is:

President: Sam ‘Tarcs’ Tarca

Vice President: Vivian Winkler

Treasurer: Andrew ‘Cookie’ Cook

Senior Men’s Coach: Chris ‘Loysie’ Loy

Women’s Coaches: Kirk Kinne, Michael ‘MC’ Condello, Ian Ash, Luke McManus

Well-being committee: Elyse ‘EJ’ Jenkins, and Stephen ‘Scottish’ Gray

Social Committee: Megan Burns, Tod Francis, Julia Denton, Lochlan Kerr

Sponsorship Managers: Patty Doan, Liz Hutchinson

Social Media Co-ordinators: Tom Soulsby, Stephanie Speight

For more information on the club, check see our “About” us page.