What is AFL?

Australian Rules Football, or “Aussie Rules”, is one of the most exciting games on the planet, requiring skills found in rugby, football (soccer) and basketball, all on a field the size of a cricket pitch.

10 fun facts about Aussie Rules (AFL):

  1. The playing area is similar to that of a cricket field with the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), for example, dimensions being 173m long by 148m wide!
  2. Players cannot throw the ball to one another – they must “handball” or kick it;
  3. A goal is scored when the ball is kicked by the attacking team through the two larger goal posts in the middle – this is worth 6 points. If the ball strikes either of the large posts or travels between a large and a small post it is worth 1 point;
  4. Players must bounce the ball every 15m while in possession;
  5. There are 18 players on the field for each team – that’s 36 in total for both teams!
  6. The 4 substitutes for each team can be rotated on to the field up to 90 times in total each match;
  7. If a player catches on the full, a ball that has been kicked and travelled a distance of 15m or more, and not been touch by another player – they are awarded a mark. This allows them 30 seconds to either kick or handpass the ball from that spot without interference from the other team;
  8. The game is played across 4 x 20 minute quarters. Time is paused each time the ball goes out or is made unplayable meaning these quarters normally last closer to 30 minutes in real time;
  9. The ball is only deemed out-of-bounds when the entire ball crosses the line. This means a player can hold the ball in play on an outstretched arm while actually running out-of-bounds themselves;
  10. The ball used is made of real leather, not synthetic like most rugby union balls. The most popular brand is “Sherrin” and a new ball can cost up to £90!

It’s also a great way to make new friends and we have both men’s and women’s teams! Get in touch with us to find out how to get involved with new players of all experience levels and nationalities welcome.

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VIDEO GUIDE: How do you kick an Australian Rules football?

In the first of new series, we’ve created a video guide on how to kick an Australian Rules football with our Captain/Coach Loysie. View it here.