VIDEO GUIDE: How to kick an Australian Rules Football with Loysie

How do you kick an Australian Rules Football? Our Captain/Coach Loysie (Chris Loy) explains how in the first of our new video guide series.

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Key points to remember:

  • Hold the ball so it is pointing directly up in to the sky with the laces at the front of the ball facing away from you.
  • Place your hands at a 45 degree angle across the seams, mid-way down each side of the ball.
  • Hold the ball over your kicking leg and keep your body square.
  • Drop and guide the ball from your hands – don’t throw it upwards.
  • Get your body weight moving through the ball so that you land on the foot that you kick with. Try not to lean back!
  • Point your toe as you kick.

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What is AFL? Find out more, here.

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