In our first Swannies profile for season 2019, we get to know our Club President, the one and only Sam Tarca, AKA ‘Tarcs’.


Name? Tarcs, Tarca


Age? Old enough to sit in a Forward Pocket with the very occasional midfield run.


From? Tanunda, South Australia- in the heart of the Barossa Valley where all the good wine comes from.


Day job? Life advisor for 11-18 year olds.


Fav AFL team? Geelong/ Port


Fav AFL player? Gary Ablett Jnr (in his prime) the mans a freak.



Why & how the London Swans? When I first came over, I was looking for a kick of the footy and was living around East London. A quick Google informed me that the Swans were the closest for training and playing, so like any B grade footballer I waltzed out to training the Thursday before Round 1 and the rest is history. Who knew that Google could put you into the best club in London?


Why did you want to be Swans President? After 10 + years at the Swans, Gus announced his departure. Sitting around the AGM table everyone looks to the fellas who have been around for a while. When you took away the ones who weren’t either coaching, heading home or already doing something significant, I was the last one left. In saying that, it has and is an absolute pleasure to lead the Swannies and to see the club move from just a ragged group of boys to a club of fine men and most importantly amazing women.



What is your best Swannies memory? Chipping in to hear “Hey Joey” played live to the tune of “Hey Mickey” at the Pianoworks, winning a six-team boat race with the anchor Mexican skulling and all the great mates I have made along the way.


Best advice to a new Swans player? Throw yourself into everything and don’t be afraid. The Swans are unlike any club in Australia, everyone is welcome and embrace it. Also, get your mates/housemates/brothers/sisters/parents down to play.


Best London advice? Never compare to Australia. London is nothing like Aus. Yes, it can be miserable at times, BUT the good times (especially summer) far out-weigh the bad.


Best pub in London? The Scolt Head (N1 4HT). Good roasts, big screen for football, beer garden for summer and casual hipster vibe the rest of the time. Ticks all the boxes.


Favourite Euro destination? City – Berlin: amazing history, great food, cheap beer and all that. Country – Bosnia: unexpected, ex-communist and a good amount of weirdness. Just avoid the meat and onion local dish.


We’ll have more Swannies Profiles and news for you throughout the year, right here on our Blog and social media channels.

It’s not too late to join the London Swans this year either! Simply contact us via this website, email londonswans@gmail.com or send us a message on Facebook for more information.

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