70+ Swannies hit East London in biggest Jorts Pub Crawl to date

Over 70 Swannies hit the town in East London on Saturday in double, triple and even quadruple denim as part of the annual Jorts Pub Crawl. While Jorts (“jeans shorts”) were the only requirement, nearly all the Swannies went above and beyond – leaving a severe denim shortage in second-hand stores across London.

jorts 3

The day – often described as “The 2nd best day of the year” – kicked off at The Duke of Somerset where attendees were briefed on the “peg game” and other guidelines for the crawl.

From there, the group of denim-clad Swannies headed to The Big Chill, Dinerama, and The Strongroom, before finally settling in at The Lighthouse to finish the crawl with some horrendous dancing to some great tunes.

Jorts 1

Resident Swans hipster, Buddha Moore, commented on the day saying, “I’ve been waiting for quite some time now for the rest of the Swannies to embrace true style – you know what I mean, second hand denim!”

Jorts 2“My biggest concern is that I’m personally going to have trouble finding new clothes in the upcoming months as a result of reduced denim supply after this pub crawl.”

Special mentions from the day have to be made to Lochie for not only his best-dressed performance but also his unique dancing abilities.

Want to get involved with the Swans? We’re looking for new players all the time – simply Contact us here on this website or message us on Facebook for more info!

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