70+ London Swans head to Belfast for Leprechaun Cup

Over 70 men and women from the London Swans made their way to Belfast over the weekend to take part in the Leprechaun Cup and amazingly…they all made it home.


In what was the first ever combined men’s and women’s trip for the Swannies, both teams played hard on the field…and maybe even harder off it.

Due to the strong numbers, the Swannies fielded two men’s sides – the London Swans (Team 1) and the London Swans Renegades.

For Team 1, James Mijoski, Andrew Cook, Charlie Miles, Jakob Calder and Sam Tarca were among the best as they narrowly lost to the West London Wildcats but managed two victories against Irish opposition.

In Team 2, Brayden Mayne, Jesse Frost, Lochie Kerr, Sebastian Glebe, Jordan Bradshaw and Adam Wholohan lead from the front in some tenacious performances from the entire team across all three games. Two narrow losses and one win was the final result for this team.

Our women’s team featured an incredible 28 players which meant a rotation of the squad throughout their four games. Under new coach Rhys Mayo, the girls battled hard against vastly more experienced sides and showed plenty of positives for the season ahead. While they were unable to score a win, they certainly enjoyed themselves!


Off the field: Boat Race success, Black Cab tours, Giants Causeway and missed flights…

With over 70 people involved from the Swans alone – the off the field activities in Belfast were always going to be large!

Our men’s team kicked things off to a flying start on Saturday night by taking out the Boat Race by a whisker – with one team member employing the “Mexican Scull” technique much to the surprise of the crowd. You can watch it here.

All of the Swannies partied on until the close of the after venue, The Botanic Inn, though one Swannie in particular….may have ended his night early and might have been found sound asleep in his group’s flat upon their return.

On the Sunday, many of the Swans took the chance to learn a little more about Northern Ireland and it’s history.

For some that meant taking in Black Cab tours explaining the history of conflict in Belfast, while others took off to the coastline to see the incredible Giants Causeway.

After some near misses on flights to Belfast…at least one member of the club was seen rebooking onto a later return flight on Sunday.

It’s not to late to get involved with the London Swans for the 2018 season! We welcome new players, of all abilities and experience, throughout the year – so go on, what are you waiting for, get in Contact with us today right here or on Facebook.

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