Swannies Profiles: Meet the Coaches

In the latest instalment in our Swannies Profiles series we’ve caught up with Swans Player and Swannettes Coach Rhys Mayo, or Mayo as he was wittingly named. 

Whilst commonly known his coaching and playing abilities, Rhys is also famous for  holding the record for the most amount of ‘kick-ons’ hosted in London Swans history, currently standing at 8. With a simple text: ’71 Colebrooke Row, Angel boys!’ Rhys and Bronwyn (partner and fellow Swan) have seen more Swans cattle roll through their doors in the early AM hours than the infamous Dolphin in Hackney.

We sat down with the ‘Host with Most’, to ask what else makes him tick other than cleaning up empty tins and getting Thor out of his house…


Name: Rhys Mayo

Nickname: Mayo (at the Swans) and plenty from home that haven’t caught on yet.

Age: 28

From: Melbourne, Australia

AFL team/Fav Player: Hawthorn, Cyril Rioli


Coach Mayo – Preseason 2018

London Advice – 

Best Roast: Hawksmoor (they only serve beef FYI) (typical Mayfair Swans set up)

Best Tip for Newcomers:  Get a house with a rooftop.

Best app to download: CityMapper and set your favourite location to N1 8AA.

Favourite European destination? Iceland – get a car and drive around the whole country. Honourable mentions to Sardinia, Italy and the hiking/fjords surrounding Stavanger in Norway. And 71 Colebrooke Row.

How did you get to the swans?  My partner Bron went to Ladies Day in 2015 before I moved to London and took full advantage of the free pouring prosecco at Shoreditch Park. I joined in 2016 and Bron was part of the inaugural women’s team in 2017.


Favourite Swans memory? 20+ players with slabs over their shoulders knocking on my front door at 9am after the 2016 AFL Grand Final screening at Fox on the Green for a rooftop BBQ. This soon become many more and included one player inviting Keira Knightly to come around for a drink (she was shopping in the local tesco)

(editor note: Not the kicking of footballs from your rooftop across Essex Road???)

Rhys Mayo, Reece Junkins and Michael ‘Bon’ Voyage

Why are you coaching the Swannettes in 2018? 

To help the Swannettes build on a fantastic first season in 2017, help new players learn the game, develop their skills and fitness, make a heap of new friends and enjoy the great game of Aussie rules


What do you want to see from the Swannettes in 2018? 

The Swannettes to be the first team in the clubs history to play in a Grand Final

Coaches’ pet? 

Kritika ‘KRITTA’ Rampal

What do you do for a day-job? 

IT Procurement at BP

(procurement prəˈkjʊəmənt/noun = the action of obtaining or procuring something).


Football highlights:

Being a ruckman at 13 (I haven’t grown since…)

We’ll have more Swannies Profiles and news for you throughout the year, right here on our Blog. 

It’s not too late to join the London Swans this year either! Simply contact us via this website or send us a message on Facebook for more information.

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