Round 3 Review: 2 wins for the Swans in super Saturday at Wimbledon

The London Swans season continues to build momentum following two wins from three matches on Saturday under the summer sun at Wimbledon. Due to the Hackney Half Marathon, the Swannies travelled to Wimbledon for a “home” game and the first round this season where all three teams were playing at the same venue.

Women’s Conference Vs Putney Magpies

Swans 4.6.30 def. Magpies 2.3.15

rd 3 womens win.jpg

Both teams went into this match in good form with the Swans having battled to a 3-point win against Wandsworth and Putney thumping West London by 50 points the week before.

Needless to say, the first quarter didn’t disappoint as the ball moved from one end to the other constantly throughout. The Swans were able to make it count on the score board though and went into the break on top. Lee Witwoski in the ruck, Maddy McCoombe in defence, and Elyse Jenkins (who was seemingly everywhere), were among the best for the Swans side.

In the second quarter the Swans began to dominate field position and create a host of scoring opportunities. Forward livewire Rita Lee was at her dynamic best as she mixed up side-steps with running bounces to create several shots on her own.

In the third and fourth quarters the trend continued for the Swans who were relentess in attacking the contest and getting the hard ball. Elyse Jenkins, Bree Smith, Marlee Davidson, and Bronwyn Allan (in her last game), were among the side’s best in what was a very even team performance.

Men’s Conference Vs Putney Magpies

Swans 1.1.7 def. by Magpies 15.11.101

With Putney’s number 1 (and only) men’s side playing in this division, this round was always going to be a great opportunity but a real test of the squad’s depth.

It was the last game together for these two lovebirds – Brandon and JB. Keep an eye on your letterboxes for this Christmas Card pic come December.

The first half saw ferocious contests at the ball with Andrew Cook, Josh Robinson, David Cardamone, Adam Wholohan, Asanka Gamage and newcomer Ben hitting packs at speed. Unfortunately, the Magpies showcased more polish and made more of an impact on the scoreboard – putting extra pressure on the Swannies.

As the game wore on Tim Wilson, Lochie Kerr, Sam Tarca, Jordan Bradshaw, Buddha Moore, Philip Mucha and Brandon Ellis all battled hard and produced good passages of play – without being able to change the momentum of the game.

Men’s Premiership Vs Wimbledon Hawks

Swans 12.11.83 def. Hawks 5.5.35

rhys chair off round 3

With the Men’s Premiership Division a 5-team competition this year every match is crucial – and this match was no different. Significantly, the Swans team featured no fewer than 12 changes to the side that played in the men’s premiership in Round 1.

On the wide-open spaces of the Wimbledon ground the Swannies dominated possession early on with their clean ball movement and hard running. Luke McManus, James Lovell, and Jakob Calder provided early standouts for the side, however, the Swans weren’t able to convert their host of opportunities onto the scored.

Solid defence and spread from Kirk Kinne and Alex Harmer kept things tight down back, however, a late counter-attacking goal saw the Hawks go into quarter time only 1 goal down – 2 goals to 1.

In the second quarter, the Swans kept the ball in the forward 50 metre arc for long periods but again were only able to walk away with a 2 goal to 1 quarter.

After the main break, Jakob Calder, Josh Wilson and Matt Nash, assisted by continued strong work from Luke McManus and the rest of the midfield, began to dominate the game up forward.

In the end the Swannies were able to run out the game comfortable winners. Other strong performers included Jesse Lovig, Jack Baxter, Jacques Bassili and Eoin Culligan.

And a bonus picture for the fans…

Did we mention it’s one you can’t unsee as well? Cheers to all the Swannies that helped out behind the BBQ on the day.


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