Name? Viv

Nickname? Viv

Age? 29

Grand Final Day, 2018

From? Nhill

AFL/AFLW team/Fav Player? Tigers. Obviously Dusty.
AFLW? Dana Hooker (Freo)

In UK since? July 2016

What do you do for a day-job? Occupational Therapist. No, it’s not Physio.

London Advice? Live near a park.

Best Sunday roast? Any one that doesn’t have that gross red/purple cabbage on the side. It’s the worst!

Favourite place for a mexican scull? The sidelines cheering on someone else doing it.

Best tip for newcomers? Don’t feel bad when you become a horrid, pushy person on public transport. It happens to us all. You are still a nice person inside.

Best app to download? Not Bumble. Avoid like the plague.

kick like tayla7
Swanettes #kickliketayla while in Belfast for the Leprechaun Cup

Favourite European trip you’ve done? Turkey for the food, Switzerland for the views, Crete for the beaches.

How did you come to join the Swans?  A past player said they were starting a women’s team just as I moved to London, I said I’d come and watch the first game in Oxford as I’d never played before but ended up playing as there was only 8 of us. We won!

Favourite Swans memory? I can’t even name one. I have so many! It’s the little things like last year when we learnt to handball backwards to move the ball forwards, or in our first year when we used to get so excited by actually being able to kick the ball and take a mark in a game, or every boat/jorts/season launch party.

Safe to say, you’re pretty involved with the club. What makes you want to take such a big part? Early morning Sainos runs on game day, and all? 
Obviously I’m a little obsessed. I just love playing and I always have fun with the Swans and I just want everyone else to have as much fun as I do and love it as much as I do!!

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What do you want to see from the Swanettes in the 2019 season? Grand Final. And to have fun. But also a grand final appearance.

Where do you play (or want to play)? I like to play on the wing so when the pressure starts near the goals I can stand back and have a breather. I don’t think that’s what I’m meant to do but I don’t really care…

Coaches’ pet? This year I’d be leaning towards Erin. I have heard a rumour she’s “close” with one of the coaches…

Any highlights of you football(/other sport) career?
Once I did a run and bounce in a game and that was awesome!!


Thanks to Viv for taking part!

We’ll have more Swannies Profiles and news for you throughout the year, right here on our Blog and social media channels.

It’s not too late to join the London Swans this year either! Simply contact us via this website, email londonswans@gmail.com or send us a message on Facebook for more information.

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