Name? Tod Francis

Nickname? Toddy

Age? 30

From? Perth

Fav AFL team? The reigning champs Eagles!!!

Fav AFL player? I dont really have one but still got an infatuation with Dom Sheed because of his clutch kick in the final. But despite all his crazy off-field struggles (let’s call it that) I still have a soft spot for Benny Cousins.

Why & how the London Swans? I found out about the Swans through a mate when I first moved here and the why I cant really say aloud but I think is self explanatory, if you know you know.. 😉


Why did you want to be a Swans committee member? I wanted to give back to the club in some way and at the time my partying was at an all time high so social coordinator seemed obvious. But now I’m older it’s time to pass it on to the young guns.. 🙂

What is your Swans role? Social committee member.


What is your best Swannies memory? There have been so many it’s hard to pin point one but the boat party is always a cracking night, the end of season trip is always a belter, but some of the best are the hijinks that have occurred at Sunday sippers! Blokes having to run out of meetings to throw up, passing out on the tube and ending up past Uxbridge. Hence why we now do it on a Saturday!


Best advice to a new Swans player? Get involved in the club life as much as you can. The mates you make from this club will be some of the best you will ever have and don’t say no to anything!

Day job? Draftsman or professional Lego builder

Best London advice? Don’t take crap on the tube! Call out the people that push in, it’s some of the most satisfying things to do.


Best pub in London? I’ve been to some belters but I cant remember most of them for obvious reasons.

Favourite Euro destination: St Anton ski trip is a must do!

We’ll have more Swannies Profiles and news for you throughout the year, right here on our Blog and social media channels.

It’s not too late to join the London Swans this year either! Simply contact us via this website, email londonswans@gmail.com or send us a message on Facebook for more information.

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