Name? Megan Burns

Nickname? Meg/Megsy

Age? 29

From? Brisbane

Fav AFL team? Brisbane Lions

Fav AFL player? Simon Black


Why and how the London Swans? A couple of my friends joined the team last year, they kept talking about how much they were loving it and even though the season was already a few games in they kept encouraging me to come down and then the Swannies were stuck with me.


Why did you want to be a Swans committee member? I quickly fell in love with the club, our squad  and I just wanted to contribute to ensuring our club continued to be the awesome, fun, friendly club that it is!

What is your Swans role? I am the social committee lead

What is your best Swannies memory? Oh goodness! How could I pick one. It’s bittersweet but our Grand Final day last year was amazing. The exciting buzz that was in the air that day was electric and each Swanette absolutely gave it their all out there, could not have been prouder of all our amazing gals and our coaches that day.


Best advice to a new Swans player? JUST COME ON DOWN!! My friends tried getting me down in presseason last year and I always chickened out but once I got to my first session and realised how great and supportive everyone is and all the fun we have, I absolutely had so much FOMO on what I’d already missed!

Day job? Nurse

Best London advice? Say yes to everything

Best pub in London? The Mayflower

Favourite Euro destination? Ooh another tough one! So many amazing places but Cinque Terre was pretty special.


We’ll have more Swannies Profiles and news for you throughout the year, right here on our Blog and social media channels.

It’s not too late to join the London Swans this year either! Simply contact us via this website, email londonswans@gmail.com or send us a message on Facebook for more information.

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