Swannies Profiles: Meet the Coach

In the latest instalment in our Swannies Profiles series we’ve caught up with Player/Coach Chris Loy, or Loysie as he’s more affectionally known. A London veteran these days, this Brisbanite, for a long time claimed to be the best 1.5 gamer in Swannies history after injuring himself early on in his London Swans career. 

These days he’s more well known for having started the club’s teapot drinking tradition and his terrible beer sculling form.

A bit of Swans Royalty in this Pic…

Name: Chris Loy 

Nickname: Loysie

Age: 30 (Editor notes: Rig looks doesn’t look a day over 23)

From: Brisbane, Queensland 

AFL team/Fav Player: Brisbane Lions and Luke Hodge, so it’s convenient for me that he made the move in the off-season.   

When and Why did you move to London? 

November, 2012. I’d always wanted to travel and was bored of Brisbane, so I figured I’d pack a suitcase and start chasing down the list of over 100 things I want to see and do in life.   

(Yes, I’ve got a written list – because it drives you to actually do the things you say you’d like to do someday.) 

Loysie group
2018 Leprechaun Cup – Belfast

London Advice – 

Best Roast: Scolt’s Head 

Best Tip for Newcomers:  There’s more to the UK then just London – so travel Europe lots, but get around the UK as well…though maybe miss out the Midlands.

Young Loysie
A young Loysie. Bowl cuts were all the rage back then he informs us…

Best app to download: Tube Map (It works offline so you can find a tube route even when you’re underground – it also tells you the best carriages to get on for a quick change) 

Favourite European destination?  Santorini, Greece – hands down, though I’ll give honourable mentions to Budapest, Hungary, and Herceg Novi in Montenegro.  

How did you get to the swans?  

Bizarrely via meeting a former-Swannie (Cobbers…the guy that looked 50 but was actually under 30) during a pub crawl in Prague, who convinced me to join.

I was flat broke by the time I got back to London from travelling so I thought I’d take advantage of the Swan’s ANZUK sponsorship connection to get some work and kick a footy on the weekend (because that doesn’t cost a thing). 

Favourite Swans memory? 

Almost getting over the line against North London in the 2015 Semi-Final – they went on to win the game and the competition that year, but we played some superb football that day. 

Other notable mentions would be seeing the Women’s team play their first ever match last year in Oxford, the 2017 Boat Party, and club favourite Joey showing up in the background of a photo of one of the other boy’s Tinder matches…. 

Loysie Harry
From London to Buenos Aires – With Swans past-player Josh ‘Prince Harry’ O’Malley.

Why are you coaching the Swans in 2018? 

I’m coaching because I think the Swannies have the best club culture of any that I’ve ever played at and I want to be part of us keeping that, while using my experience to help our players improve their skills and performances.

We’ve got the off-field stuff right now, and we’re well on our way towards building the on-field performances and success. 

What are you looking forward to most about coaching in 2018? 

I’m looking forward to helping the club build on last year’s season where we focussed on improving base skill levels, decision making and fitness. This year I’m expecting to see our game sense and structure improve as we take another step forward.

As always though, the best thing about footy in London is watching people new to the game, fall in love with it and learn the skills. 

What do you want to see from the Swans in 2018? 

Above all else I want to see the Swans enjoy their footy and time in London. I also want to see us challenge the most established clubs more often. 

Coaches’ pet? 

I’m assuming I can’t put Scottish Steve as he’s an assistant coach…in which case I’ll name Jesse Lovig .

What do you do for a day-job? 

I work in communications for Heathrow Airport doing a mixed bag of tasks really! (EDITOR NOTES: Hasn’t suffered the Heathrow Injection) 

Football highlights:

  • Clubs played for: Morningside Panthers, Wynnum Vikings, London Swans
  • 2 x Premiership player with the Wynnum Vikings in Division 1, QLD
  • Represented the Australian Combined Emergency Services (ACES) team (2012)
  • National Police AFL Championships All Australian (2011), and Queensland Player of the Tournament
  • Best on Ground Guns n Hoses (Police Vs Fire Service) game (2012)
  • London Swans Seniors’ Best and Fairest Runner Up (2015)

We’ll have more Swannies Profiles and news for you throughout the year, right here on our Blog. 

It’s not too late to join the London Swans this year either! Simply contact us via this website or send us a message on Facebook for more information.

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